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Putting the Solar Food Dehydrators to Work

— Oct 12, 2015

We use the solar dehydrators (also know as food dryers) for just about everything - most fruits, most veggies, onions, kale, herbs - you name it. [Read Complete Post]

Blood Moon Eclipse 2015

— Sep 28, 2015

We had a wonderful view of the rare blood moon eclipse that occurred on October 8, 2015. [Read Complete Post]

High Desert Gardens 2015

— Aug 12, 2015

Our third year of Hostile Gardening in the high desert. Now using our water trough gardens, raised beds and the new greenhouse. [Read Complete Post]

Mountain Lion on Our Deck

— Jul 14, 2015

A middle of the night visit from a mountain lion. [Read Complete Post]

Mid-April and we are growing - Snowmen!

— Apr 19, 2015

Mid-April and we are growing - Snowmen! [Read Complete Post]

June 29th, 89 degrees - Preps for Winter Begin

— Jun 29, 2014

Around here you can't just run down the street to get groceries or supplies as the needs arise - you have to plan way ahead. [Read Complete Post]

Yo Dude! My Feeder is Empty!

— Jun 26, 2014

A strange experience with an Alpha male hummingbird - I guess they are smarter than I thought. [Read Complete Post]

Chicken Estates is Expanding

— May 21, 2014

Chicken Estates announces a major expansion! Much more room to forage and cause trouble. [Read Complete Post]

Finally - A Real Wood Shed

— Sep 2, 2013

After replacing 8 large tarps for the second time, we finally built a real wood shed - with another yet to come. [Read Complete Post]


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